Automated Data Testing, Tailored for Every Skill Level

Database testing is crucial yet challenging. Automate your data or BI testing from a brilliantly simple UI. Manage diverse Data Warehousing and Big Data projects, enabling anyone to uphold quality assurance without a dedicated team.

Ensure Data Quailty And Audit Readlines With 2Test's Powerful Features

Unlock unparalleled accuracy and compliance in your data journey. Our innovative application simplifies complex challenges, making audit preparation and data quality assurance an effortless task.


Features That Drive Data Quality

Advanced Data Validation

Comprehensive tools for superior data quality monitoring and alerting

Streamlined Testing Process

Efficient test management, automation, and standardized templates

ML-AI Datatesting

Effortlessly pinpoint issues through autonomous self-learning

Dynamic Release Oversight

Seamless release planning, reporting, and quality insights

Integrated DevOps Solutions

Robust CI/CD testing with seamless DevOps pipeline integration

Flexible Test Execution

Schedule tests for optimal times and ensure repeatability

Advantages of Combined Insights in User-Friendly Testing

Intuitive User Experience

Comprehensive Toolset

Cost-Efficient Quality Assurance

Streamlined Audit Preparedness

Flexible Integration & Execution

Transformative Data Solutions

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