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Transforming complexities into intuitive tools tailored for both specialists and novices.

Understanding the Unique Challenges of Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is a complex landscape where conventional testing methods fall short. It’s not as straightforward as front-end testing, where a simple click-through can determine a test’s outcome. Ideally, developers, requirements engineers, and business analysts should all be capable of DWH testing, regardless of their skill set.

Bridging Knowledge Gaps with Ease

2Test is our answer to this challenge. Designed to empower all project members, it simplifies testing concepts and leverages team expertise. With 2Test, insights are effortlessly converted into robust tests via a user-friendly interface.

Seamless Integration and Quality-Driven Development

2Test is more than a testing tool. It manages projects, oversees releases, and integrates smoothly with DevOps workflows. Our vision? To integrate every individual, regardless of their team, into a project’s testing process, fostering a culture where quality spearheads development.

Watch How We Simplify Data Testing

Watch How We Simplify Data Testing

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