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Find answers to common questions about 2TEST and its application in the data management industry.

What is 2TEST, and what does it offer?
2TEST is a powerful tool for automated data testing, offering a comprehensive suite of features for data quality monitoring, test management, automation, release planning, and more.

2TEST enables businesses to ensure data quality, streamline testing processes, and save on resources. It allows even non-testers to become proficient in data testing, reducing production incidents and ultimately saving money.

Yes, 2TEST is intentionally designed to be user-friendly. It caters to specialists and non-technical individuals, making it easy for anyone to create and execute test cases.

Yes, 2TEST seamlessly integrates with DevOps pipelines, offering complete CI/CD testing solutions and enhancing the overall development process.

 Yes, you can inquire about a trial or demo by using the “Contact Us” form on our website. Our team will be happy to arrange a trial to help you evaluate 2TEST’s features and benefits.